Indian PUBG game alternative FAU:G game to be released in end of October: Know all the details


FAU:G game is under development by the gaming company nCore Games, Investing firm CEO Vishal Gondal of GOQii , under the mentorship and leadership of renowned Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. The FAU:G game to arrive soon.

Following a ban on the popular mobile game PUBG Mobile in India along with 117 other Chinese apps, an Indian alternative to the battle royale game PUBG Mobile -- FAU:G --Fearless and United Guards game was recently announced by bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. At the time of the announcement details regarding the new Indian action game FAUG were not revelaed. It seems like now we have  to wait for some more information related to the arrival of FAUG mobile game. 

FAU:G to be released next month as per the announcement

As per the latest news, FAU:G , Fearless and United Guards mobile game is expected to make its entry, next month, possibly in the end month of October. The FAUG app's co-founder, Vishal Gondal ,CEO of GOQii has notified that the game was already under development for several months. The game is under development by gaming company nCore Games under the mentorship and leadership of renowned Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

It is also assumed that the first level of the FAUG game will be based on Galwan Valley. The app is said to be multiplayer gaming app like PUBG Mobile or any several other games battle games. The app also involves maps and several other features just like PUBG mobile.

FAU:G game and its app development is in line to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Vocal for Local' vision i.e we must support MAKE IN INDIA products and go for Indian products and services for an 'Atmanirbhar Bharat.' FAUG game in terms of gameplay is still a mystery. People and gamers are just guessing about the FAUG game and its game play.

FAUG the new PUBG an alternate to PUBG Mobile game was announced just a few days after the ban was laid on 118 Chinese app by thr Indian Government due to the security and privacy concerns from China. The list of the 118 banned Chinese apps includes PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, Baidu, WeChat Work, and  several other apps. This is in continuation to banning Chinese apps that after banning approximately 59 Chinese apps namely TikTok, CamScanner and many more and prior to that 47 other Chinese apps in July that third time the ban was laid again on 118 Chinese app in the month of September.

Is FAU:G the new PUBG?

Although the game play of FAUG is expected to be same as PUBG mobile. Rest a lot of gamer still have this question in their mind and are desperately waiting for Indian alternative to PUBG, i.e. FAUG and Faug Lite

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